TWiP 429 – Personal Projects Demystified

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TWiP 429 – Personal Projects Demystified

Once you start getting into photography, I mean, REALLY getting into photography one thing that starts to happen is that you start wondering what to shoot. And you might even get a little depressed when you see the terabytes of great images that get uploaded every single day.  In other words, many people begin suffering from lack of inspiration, and maybe even photographic depression.

Luckily we have the concept of personal projects to help you keep inspired, and focused.

To discuss personal projects and much more, this week I’m joined by New York City based fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, and Austin Texas based commercial photographer Giulio Sciorio.

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One Comment

  1. Your discussion on personal project was terrific. At this point I am working a full time day job and consider myself a serious hobbyist, essentially doing personal projects all the time. I have done a few paid jobs and sold a some art prints through exhibits I’ve been in. As I head for retirement I hope to be able to use that time to do more of all of those. My current work is on my web site:

    Even more interesting to me was the discussion of education in photography. Like many people, I was initially self-taught, participating in small classes occasionally through local adult schools. In 2003 I took my first formal class at ICP. I have since done another there, one at a local arts center, one workshop at The Center for Photography at Woodstock, and one each of the past three summers at Maine Media Workshops. Each of these experiences was terrific and useful in different ways. Although the initial classes were great, the immersive learning that happens at Maine Media, and I’m sure other similar places, worked well for me.

    I think it might be interesting for the TWIP audience to hear about these places through people who have attended programs there.

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