TWiP 419 – Creative Cloud 2015

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There’s no question that Adobe is the undisputed heavy­weight when it comes to building fantastic tools for creatives. I don’t know one photographer or graphic designer that doesn’t have at least one peice of Adobe software installed on their workstation.

And with the introduction of the Creative Cloud, Adobe cleverly created a frictionless road to frequent updates — that is for those willing to pay their subscription fees. This subscription model is a no­brainer for millions of photographers world­wide. But for others, specifically the people who only use one or two programs… and rarely update… it’s not much of a bargain.

Still, it looks like “the cloud” is here to stay, and with it, a regular “IV drip” of features from the Adobe mothership.

In this episode we discuss the latest update to the Creative Cloud, and we find out whom on the panel is actually getting their moneys’ worth out of their “all you can eat” subscription.

We also discuss Adobe’s newest service — Adobe Stock which will be integrated into the majority of Adobe’s applications. Is this a rebirth of stock? Or the final nail in the coffin.

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  1. You guys missed the point on the Taylor Swift contract. This is not a contract for paid assignments to shoot Taylor Swift. It is a contract all photographers, including photojournalists, must sign before being allowed to shoot the concert or venue

    In my case, as a wire service photographer, I am not paid to be there. I depend on future sales of my images to earn a living from it. She is eliminating this opportunity and confiscating images for their FREE use. Foo Fighters contracts are even worse. Not only are they confiscating images, but they are forcing you to let them make the choice of which images can be used for the assignment! If I’m working on a deadline, as I usually am, this is untenable. These artists truly are hypocrites.