TWiP 418 – Facebook Moments

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The stream of new products and services continues to flow this week… this time it’s Facebook with their newest offering aimed at helping you manage and share your personal photos. Their new “Moments” app is designed to help groups (friends, families, etc) share photos in private pools. That, in and of itself is not really new. This weeks discussion focuses instead on the rapid pace of these new apps and services… all with the goal of convincing you to use their products to manage your precious memories.

It’s no longer a matter of which app sucks less. They’re all pretty amazing, each in their own way. It has now become a matter of personal preference, and where the bulk of your relationships reside. THAT is the new battle. You’ve heard of the attention economy… now as the battle to g​et​your attention, and keep it continues to heat up — our personal photos are amazingly strong “super­glue” that social networks and other companies are looking at to get you stuck to their services, and to keep you coming back.

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  1. Your user question discussion about syncing Adobe Lightroom on different machines has already resolved by Adobe, if my understanding is correct. Lightroom mobile already achieves the desired results, but the question is whether Adobe are willing to open it up to different device types and OSs. What’s to stop you having a master catalog on an iMac, then use Lightroom mobile on a laptop? Obviously it would need work by Adobe, but it should be an option within CC, rather than having the full blown product on two different systems, which then create it’s own problems.

    1. No, the question was about using LR from multiple desktop/laptop computers. Not accessing the library from a mobile device. Also, Lightroom mobile requires a Creative Cloud subscription. Different solution, different problem.

    2. I know – my point was that Adobe has achieved the option with Lightroom Mobile, but what’s to say that option couldn’t be extended to different OS’s, so you’re essentially accessing what you want from any device type, not just a mobile device.

    3. Hi David Wickes. Your comment is thoughtful, but it’s rather like comparing apples to oranges. Syncing between LR mobile and LR desktop is accomplished by syncing photos (smart previews of photos from LR desktop to LR mobile, and jpegs/pngs/videos from LR mobile to LR desktop). But syncing LR between computers would mean syncing the LR catalog, which is a database–a different problem.

    4. Fair enough. It would achieve the desired result for me, i.e. I could use a desktop for my catalog, then use LR Mobile (assuming Adobe wanted it to run on any device), so I could do basic edits on my laptop which would sync back to my desktop. I assume it could work in the opposite direction as well.

  2. What I found was missing in the round table discussion about Facebook Moments is how Facebook deals with exif data and the way Facebook compresses and display images..

    Correct me if I am wrong. I have no knownledge or user experience with Facebook Moments other than what was discussed in the last TWIP, but unless I hear/read something positive about my concerns mentioned above, I doubt I’ll be a hardcore user of this service.

    What use are Facebook Moments other than letting people show heavily compressed images on their device? When other services let you upload high resolution images you even can order prints from or print them yourself, if you choose to.

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