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This Week in Photo has featured many mobile applications in the past, and I can say with confidence that the mobile photography application industry (both iOS and Android) is maturing at an insanely fast rate. Mobile photography apps are becoming viable alternatives to their desktop and laptop cousins. This is really amazing, especially when you consider how long (or short) the “age of the app” has been in full swing.

Apple launched the App Store on July 9th, 2008 that’s roughly 7 years ago, and yesterday Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO stood on stage at their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and announced app downloads had surpassed the 100 Billion mark. One-hundred BILLION apps, on iOS alone. Add to that Android numbers and the industry looks even more amazing. Partially because of this growth, Apple is currently the most valuable company on Earth, and likely the solar system — and arguably the most powerful.

To put things in perspective, Apple’s market capitalization is currently at $735 billion US Dollars. That’s over three quarters of one TRILLION dollars. Compare that to the “other” tech company, Google, who’s market cap is floating at around $365 billion dollars. Basically, today one Apple is worth two Googles.

Granted, Apple has had a 22 year head-start, and in that window of time they’ve seen many failures and successes. And at least one near-death experience. But the main vein of gold they have tapped into was, and is — apps.

The main focus of this episode of TWiP is on one of those app developers — Lisa Bettany, and her new app Vee for Video. Lisa found success in the app development world several years ago when she and the TapTapTap app development team launched Camera+. The app quickly became the de-facto photography app for many photographers, and continues to be very popular today.

Today Lisa has turned her creative sights to video, and working with another team has released Vee for Video. An app designed to make shooting and editing professional looking video quick and easy.

Lisa Bettany and Lee Herbet join me to discuss Pinterest and Instagram's foray into e-Commerce as well as Lisa's app – Vee.

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  1. In answer to your listener’s question, if I wasn’t already local to them, I’d buy film online through either Adorama , or B&H Photo . Adorama also sells through Amazon.

    For processing, if I didn’t have a local lab I’d go with The Darkroom , or do it myself.

    For more information on shooting and developing film I recommend The Film Photography Podcast .

  2. I am surprised Lisa came across as so mercenary.
    She wants to sell apps and filter packs but finds social media beneath her? She had nothing good to say about any online community. She purports to want to build apps for online sharing but has removed herself from online sharing?
    This interview struck me solely a promotion for her new app and she would rather have stayed off line. Which is fine. Just a bit disingenuous to me to come on TWiP offering her “solution” to shareable video creation while in the next breath saying she has not until this week even tried Instagram or other communities.

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