TWiP 413 – Autonomous Photography

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On this episode of TWiP, Rob Knight is joined by Darlene Hildebrandt & Don Komarechka to talk about Lily – the first shoot & throw camera that will follow you. Plus Canon updates the nifty fifty & Wolfram launches an image identify website.

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  1. AAAAAAAA!!!! DON KOMARECHKA my brain is about to explode listening to you.

  2. I know this podcast happened after Google updated it’s Photo App but now it does exactly what u guys want & are talking about. The way the App sorts your Photos is amazing, plus the search feature, collections. links & the assistant it’s mind blowing if your not a tin hat kinda person. O, & it’s free, or very little $ to upload originals. What do u guys think, especially like to hear Don’s thoughts.

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