TWiP 411 – Gray in Black & White

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On this episode of TWiP, J.M. Giordano, Martin Bailey, and Jeffrey Totaro join Frederick to talk about J.M.'s treatment at the hands of the Baltimore Police while covering the Freddie Gray riots . Also, is the Apple Watch a photographer’s best friend? Photofocus’ Doug Daulton thinks so…

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Me being beat on by several @baltimorepolice. Video by Baynard woods. #freddieGray #baltimore

A video posted by J.m. Giordano (@jmgiordanophoto) on

Some shots from Joe

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One Comment

  1. Joe, my hat to you for doing what you do, I’m not from Baltimore, but I think the city should thank you for not suing and putting another burden on tax payers, there’s a lot of that going on, some legitimate and others just looking for easy cash. In your case, I think it would be legitimate. Either way, you’re the bigger man, and like you say it’s about developing a relationship with both sides and creating unity and better communication between the police and the community instead of promoting hate and animosity.

    It is a tough topic. I definitely share in the mild paranoia with Frederick being a black man walking outside. Not necessarily paranoid about police officers, but just in general. On certain few occasions, I have felt like I have the burden of proving I am a nice person as opposed to being innocent till proven guilty. Still those occasions have been very few. But when they do happen, it hinders me from feeling free to shoot pictures.