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On this episode of TWiP, Doug Kaye & Don Komarechka join Frederick to talk about Apple's new MacBook and what the new USB Type C port means for photographers. Plus Google launches a new cloud storage solution called Nearline and a new video app called Meerkat allows users to stream video content over Twitter.

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An “Apple Engineer” (not) talks about the new MacBook

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  1. I love my Dogschidt lens and just thought I’d share a couple photos that show a little bit of its effects. I have the Canon version and just adapted it to my Fuji XE-2. You can see some of the flare, an example of the “dirty bokeh” and some of the color changes. It is low contrast, amber tinted and has a couple of the different dirt/ scratches options. 🙂

  2. Regarding license fees with Thunderbolt & USB – USB vX does not require any kind of license cost, whereas Thunderbolt does require a $100 per device cost that is typically passed down to the consumer (ever notice where T-Bolt devices are at least $100 more than the USB counter-part)?

    Thunderbolt does a lot more than provide the computer more storage, as it’s a raw PCI Express lane. Devices like Sonnet’s Echo Express III-D ( provide you a lot more flexibility in adding items like additional video cards, PCI Express SSDs, 10gig ethernet along with external disk arrays as well.

    I don’t think Apple is bailing on Thunderbolt, they maybe scaling back on the deployment of it on smaller devices where space could be a factor.

  3. You say that Sony users get Capture One for free…? Did I hear you corectly…? I’m a Sony user, and I never heard about this… Are you sure about that…???