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Hosts: Doug Kaye with Valerie Jardin & Don Komarechka

This week on TWiP…

  • Canon’s financial forecast haunted by smartphone creep
  • Adobe hack actually affects 38 million users
  • A roundtable discussion about learning photography
  • Don Komarechka talks kickstarting photographic projects

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  1. Canon’s financial forecast (8:20)
  2. Adobe hack actually affects 38 million (15:20)
  3. Learning photography (22:50)
  4. Kickstarting your photographic dreams (38:37)


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Valerie Jardin: Website, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook

Don Komarechka: Website, Twitter or Google+

Doug Kaye: Website, Twitter or Google+


Pre-production by: Patrick Reed

Post production by: Suzanne Llewellyn & Vince Bauer

Bandwidth provided by: Cachefly

Intro Music by: Scott Cannizzaro

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