TWiP 331 – Travel Tips for Photographers


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson with Jay and Varina Patel

This week on TWiP…

It's a very special interview with landscape, nature and travel photographers Jay and Varina Patel. Frederick and his favorite spousal photographers talk location scouting, travel details, GPS concerns and even survival gear.

To learn more about Jay and Varina and to check out their inspiring work, please visit their websites at and

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  1. I must say that this is one of the funniest of your podcasts I have evere listened to. I make a yearly photo trip to Iceland, and I will never look at the iceberg beach the same way.

  2. It was a fun episode. I enjoyed listening to this. I am one of the worst nature and landscape shooters there is. I am always trying to add a human element to these shots. Their stories of gear and physical damage brought back memories, blowing a knee at a forest fire, a sprint car hitting my camera bag and having a camera totaled why covering the Northridge quake. I am glad I am not the only one this happens too.

  3. I started listening to your podcast just a few months ago and have sucked up most of the earlier shows that intrigued me. However, I must say that I really enjoyed this show with Varina and Jay. I’m trying to get re-inspired after several years of not doing anything really creative but point and shoot and documentary type photos. I really enjoyed listening the Patel’s describe their methods, equipment and even their mishaps! I’ll be checking out their websites and work in greater detail today. They really inspired me to consider getting off my butt and getting to a place that would re-kindle some creativeness.