TWiP 329 – Innovation, Inspiration and Hacking


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Dave Dugdale & Derrick Story

This week on TWiP…

  • Nikon releases the D610 & Pentax introduces the K-3
  • Instagram adds advertisements
  • Adobe gets hacked
  • Plus an interview on finding your inspiration with LA-based photographer Brooke Shaden

(*Note: Derrick inadvertently refers to the predecessor to the Pentax K-3 as the K-2. The camera he owns and describes throughout the Pentax discussion is actually the K-5, the K-3's true, though not so logically-named, predecessor.)

This week Frederick sat down with LA-based, fine art photographer Brooke Shaden. Brooke shares discusses her new book “Inspiration in Photography: Training Your Mind to Make Great Art a Habit”. She offers advice on getting (and staying) inspired. Learn more about Brooke at


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  1. I am an Entertainment Photographer ( as well as an entertainment technician ( with almost 30 years experience in Broadway, Film, Television, and Circus. When I heard you folks speak about the fire on Treasure Island, I wanted to point out a few things.

    Professional Fire performers (sometimes called Poi Spinners) work very hard to do creative and spectacular effects safely. The pros are insured, work with teams of people, and obey the law. They will carefully consider the locations they spin in, to assure the safety of themselves and those around them. However, like with any other industry, people will learn part of a technique and try to do things on their own, without regard of safety protocols. While it would be unfortunate if the fire was caused by a fire spinner, if it were, odds are this person was not an active professional. Due to the nature of performing with fire, those who do are generally over-cautious to avoid a potential accident. I have had the great pleasure of working with several excellent fire artists around the world, one of whom is Michael Kevin Farrell of, an expert in the industry. Please do not mistake the use of steel wool loaded fire props (or any other kind of fire props) as being something that is always dangerous or foolish. If photographers wish to capture some of this exciting art form, please seek out professionals who will do so in a safe and legal manner. Fire can be used safely, without damaging property or injuring people.

  2. TWiP10 not working as a promo code at checkout, on the drobo site (as of today at least). Any ideas/suggestions?

  3. Up here in Seattle, it is just wet most of the year…..
    August might give you some dry issues, might.

  4. I missed a suggestion for the cloud security: use a different password for every site you visit. That way if our password is found at one breach, no other services are affected. There are tools like 1Password to help you to use safe passwords everywhere.

  5. The Pentax endorsement would have been better if Derrick had gotten the name of the camera right. I believe he meant the K-5, which I also have, and which is an awesome camera. I think where Pentax really shines is ergonomics/the way it feels. You get a camera that is somewhere around the D7100, 70D and 7D, but that is as small as, say, a 600D (a bit heavier due to the all metal body). For those complaining about their camera being a bit too big, heavy, … well, Pentax has you covered. Then the buttons they offer and their placement, and even the way they feel… IMHO no other camera maker beat them there, though Sony and Nikon are hot on their heels. Canon seems to be improving lately…
    One thing that was awesome with the K-5 is that the image stabilizer works for video too. There is no crop when shooting video (I’m looking at you, Sony), and apart from a bit of noise (shoot with an external microphone) there is no downside. Video stabilization works really well, letting you walk with the camera without jerky video (viewers may get seasick though, depending on your skills). Later Pentax cameras sadly dropped the sensor shift based video stabilization, hopefully the K-3 will at least offer the option of using it. I also like the video quality in general, it doesn’t seem oversharpened, has an almost cinematic look to it. Sadly no manual controls, though the aperture can be fixed, and there seems to be a workaround to manually set everything. Also, when the camera gets warm you’ll get hot pixels. It removes them on photos, but it can’t do that on videos.
    Maybe the K-3 is a contender for that camera review show?

    Btw., the K-3 DOES offer WiFi… if you buy a FLU SD card from Pentax. Apparently it will then also support tethering via WiFi, with support for Android and iOS…

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