TWiP 326 – The Evolution of Image Editing


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye, Brian Matiash, Darlene Hildebrandt

This week on TWiP…

  • Facebooks proposed privacy changes
  • Google+ adds new advanced photo editing features
  • Are Nikon & Canon getting into the medium-format business
  • Plus an interview with the CEO of Photoshelter Andrew Fingerman

This week Frederick sits down for a conversation with the CEO of Photoshelter Andrew Fingerman. Be sure to check out their library of free guides for photographers.

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One Comment

  1. You really missed the point on Adobe. It is about having the choice to buy the licensing as in the past not about a temporary price reduction. This is only a temporary offer. To quote Jeffrey Tranberry, Product Manager, Chief Customer Advocate (AKA Propaganda Manager): $9.99 is *the ongoing price* We can’t say it won’t ever go up (e.g. inflation, etc) .

    I did not have an issue of paying for the suites and if the subscription was an option then I would not complain, it is not an option. This is not cloud computing this Cloud Licensing.

    Adobe is reminding me more and more of drug dealer give the product away then as people become addicted start raising the price.

    Not that I am a skeptic but Photoshop World was going on when they made this offer. Wanna bet this damage control. Somewhere in Adobe’s self delusional mentality they thought this was going to blow over in a month or two.

    One good piece info is that even through, CC subscriptions rose by 221,000 to 700,000 between Q1 and Q2, Adobe’s revenue for the quarter – which ended on 31 May – fell 11 percent annually to $1.01 billion.

    In the end I am a realist, I know Adobe does not respect their customers it is all about generating profit, but if we make it as painful a transition as possible then maybe the next time they will slow down and think about their customers more.

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