TWiP 323 – How to Feed an Elephant

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Derrick Story & Joseph Linaschke

This week on TWiP…

Interview with Garret Clarke of Up Against the Wall Photography

Garret Clarke and Frederick discuss how to make it as a photographer in a foreign land. Specifically… in Taipei, Taiwan! To learn more about Garret Clarke and the inspirational work from Up Against the Wall, check out their website at


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  1. You always cover the news of the day concerning photography. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the story about The New Mexico Supreme Court ruling that by refusing to photograph a gay wedding, a photography studio violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act. Maybe it will make next weeks show.

  2. So did I hear Derrick say that I should not look for his
    Linda Aperture titles on the 9th, but perhaps on the 10th? Hopefully his release date is on target, the 10th would be a great day for fresh Aperture learning after watching the Apple iPhone event….