TWiP 321 – Get the Shot!


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Valerie Jardin & Martin Bailey

This week on TWiP, it's all about how to get the shot!

Join the Google Hangout as Frederick, Valerie and Martin talk the practical nuts and bolts of getting the shot. What to wear? What gear to carry? What to eat? The right attitude to take into the field, plus post-production tips… Our all-star hosts talk these topics and lots more.


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Martin Bailey: PhotoPills, an incredible iPhone app for location scouting and other useful features. Be one of the first 5 to email Martin for a free copy of the app.

Frederick: Photoshop World and the accompanying free year of Creative Cloud!

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  1. Great show Fred, Valerie and Martin as always! Good to see you are visual again..

    Great point that Valerie and Fred made about Zack Arias. He is also the reason why I investigated the Fuji X series. Zack’s Fuji X videos comments and approach are honest, direct and to the point. I chose the Fuji X-E1 +the 18-55mm lens.

    As I have said many times on other sites I’ve sold all of my Digital Nikon gear and only have one camera one lens now. Photography has come back to me. No more weight, camera and gear in my way!

    Keep up with the shows Fred… all the best…

    1. Thanks Art. It’s funny how when we (I) started out in photography I thought more gear would make me a better photographer. But that kind of thinking is almost like trying to catch up to the horizon. I think the magic appears when there’s a combination of constraint (not many gear choices), and implicitly understanding what gear you DO have. Then applying that to subject matter you’re passionate about.

      “Less is more” sounds like a cliché, but in this case it really rings true.

  2. Martin mentioned a really cool app (Camera Pils??) but I can’t seem to find it. Would love any guidance you can offer! Thanks!

  3. I’m sure its difficult to come up with content for a lengthy weekly podcast. This fact was very clear when we started to hear guests give us valuable tips on whether or not to bring snacks along on a shoot. Weak sauce….

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