TWiP 317 – Get Off My Cloud


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Steve Simon, Martin Bailey and special guest Peter Greig

This week on TWiP…

  • Hey you (Government), get off of my cloud!
  • Magic Lantern enables an extra 3 stops of light
  • And a special guest appearance by TWiP Landscape & Nature Contest winner Peter Greig

Steve Simon, Martin Bailey and Peter Greig join Frederick to discuss these topics and a whole lot more on this week's episode of TWiP.

Steve: Nikon's new Facebook app: MyNikonWorld

Martin: Breathing Color's Vibrance Metallic – a true metallic inkjet paper. Get a trial roll for just $24.95, and if you use the code MBP20 you save $20.

Peter: Encourage other photographers to participate in ViewBug

Frederick: Serge Ramelli's free Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials on YouTube

1. Martin's newest Craft & Vision title: Sharpshooter

2. Cloud solutions Drobo and Transporter

3. Hasselblad's “True Focus” system mentioned by Steve

4. Nikon D800

5. Canon's 600D with articulating screen

6. Martin's Craft & Vision printing primer: Making the Print

Peter Greig's award winning photo entitled “The Heavens Have Opened”

Enter TWiP's newest ViewBug photo contest:

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lyrics”

We provide you with a song, you listen to it and interpret the song as best you can in a photo. This contest's song is: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, as performed by the artist Charice – you can watch her perform the song here.

Note: Entries for this contest will be accepted through August 31st. Enter NOW!

Enter The Contest!

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  1. Hi,

    Equally irritating in hearing someone proclaim he or she is “passionate about photography” is someone referring to bokeh, with a side comment about the two pronunciations of the word. But recently I have been alarmed by the recent consensus that the JAPANESE pronunciation is “bokay.” Anyone who has ever seriously spoken/studied Japanese understands the Japanese pronounce the word as it is romanized as in (写真の)ぼけ,(写真の焦点からはずれた箇所の)かすみ. That is ぼけ is pronounced as ‘bokeh,”albeit novice speakers of Japanese as a second language mispronounce the hiragana けas ‘kay” rather than correctly as “keh.”

    Not this or similar efforts will stop the western world from mispronouncing Japanese. We have a well established history of at least 150 years in doing so. There is no real reason to expect our shared linguistic folly will any day soon come to an end. But please challenge your guests from noting that the Japanese pronounce the word as “bokay” – it is just so lame not to do so, especially since you, Frederick, spent time in Japan. (Whatever happened to your trip to Seoul?)

    Tom Coyner
    Seoul (formerly of Tokyo)

    1. Take a chill pill man. Like the man said in the podcast, feel free to pronounce it how you like. We all understand what he means regardless of how he is pronouncing it so I think you should get off that mighty high horse of yours.

    2. I’ve been hearing the “boka – bokay” debate for years. Vincent Versace becomes unhinged talking about. There is zero agreement on how it’s pronounced and now we have been informed that the Japanese use the word as an insult. We need a new word. I say we take Frederick’s suggestion of “blur” and modify it for the Western photographer. How about Blurkay or Blurphay or even Parfait. Anything but BOKEH!

  2. Frederick, please allow me a suggestion. How about an interview with someone from Magic Lantern or one of the other Canon hackers. It would be fun to hear what they have “up their sleeve” in the future and what they think is possible to develope. As always, great podcast this week. Thanks much may your bokeh be striking.

  3. Thanks to Martin Bailey for the Breathing Color discount code. I ordered a sample pack of their papers and only had to pay shipping. I’m looking forward to trying out the metallic paper.

  4. I’m looking for the name of the audible book Frederick recommended,
    I have wrote down, ” manage your day today” but I don’t see that title.

  5. I’m sorry but the critiques and having these people on the show is just boring. I keep skipping over it. I don’t mean to be rude. That is not my intention. I just feel like the content of the show is slipping.

  6. Yo Frederick! When they spoke about wishing for a live-bulb-mode (which is one of the OM-D:s greatest features), did you take a coffee break or…;) I love that camera too! /J

  7. When Martin Bailey mentioned that he carries a backup hard drive with him, I felt much better about my habit of always carrying one of my many backup hard drives in my pocket whenever I have my pants on. As you know, there are many vulnerabilities that our data is subject to, but even if I’m “caught with my pants down,” I still have backups on my computer, in my car, and in the cloud. I have not lost a byte since I learned the hard way in 1980 when one of those newfangled hard drives crashed and I lost my business data which was recovered for $600, at king’s ransom at the time.

    I have always been prepared, and I was teased for carrying a survival kit when I flew private airplanes. A few weeks ago, someone saw me on the trail with my Cotton Carrier, backpack, etc. and asked if I was “practicing.” No, I said, “This is it!”

  8. Peter’s photo is very cool, but seems very over processed for my taste. It seems to be a trend in the digital age. The hay bales don’t even look real and look like they could have been placed in with photoshop which takes away from the reality of the shot. Hearing how much work he did to compose the shot confirms it is real.
    These type of photos seem to be what people like these days. Personally, I think it’s a shame such a fantastic photo has been processed to make it look fake.
    I must be real old!

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