TWiP 314 – Phlearning is Phundamental


Host: Frederick Van Johnson

Episode Overview

  • Drumroll, please…. we announce the winners of our Landscape and Nature Contest!
  • We also announce a new TWiP photo contest entitled “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lyrics”
  • Connected Data has given us 2 more Transporters to give away!
  • Plus an interview with Aaron Nace of

An Interview with Aaron Nace 

This week, Frederick sits down with founder Aaron Nace. A pro photographer and on-line photography teacher, Aaron's inspiring career spans from a beginning in design to an infatuation with image making.

His immense talent and relentless attention to detail come together resulting in – an online resource where photographers can gain the training and professional-level skills to “live their creative dreams” through a library of both free and paid online tutorials.

Use the offer code TWIP20 for 20% off Phlearn purchases through July 12th!

Announcing TWiP's newest ViewBug photo contest:

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lyrics”

We provide you with a song, you listen to it and interpret the song as best you can in a photo. This contest's song is: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, as performed by the artist Charice – you can watch her perform the song here.

Note: Entries for this contest will be accepted through August 31st. Enter NOW! Watch Frederick explain how he came up with this contest in the video below!

Enter The Contest!

The Landscape and Nature photo contest winning images: Congratulations to Peter Greig for his Grand Prize winning image chosen by Frederick Van Johnson and Brian Gudas ( CEO).

And congratulations to Jo Jo Cruzado for his People's Choice winning image.

And a HUGE THANKS to the folks over at Connected Data! They're providing two Transporters for us to give away. Enter to win now!

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  1. I literally just started a photo project with the same concept as this contest two months ago. I definitely will be participating in this one.

  2. Nice piece with Aaron Nace…I have subscribed in the past to various sources that teach photography and photoshop . I thought I was learning from them but I always felt that they were holding back…not giving me the best information that they could. When I discovered Aaron on a Creative Live workshop he just opened my eyes . Aaron holds nothing back . I have purchased several of his tutorials and he has such a great teaching manner . He is my go to source and is a great inspiration .

  3. Gone with the Wind? I think you meant The Sound of Music – the Hills are alive! LOL

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