TWiP 307 – The Workflow Episode

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”The Workflow Episode” artist=”TWiP 307″ ] Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Varina Patel, Jay Patel, Topher Martini

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, we're diving into several great stories including:

  • New Olympus PEN E-P5 Boasts several impressive new features
  • A deep dive into our panel's post-processing workflow
  • An interview with Trey Ratcliff
  • Plus Listener Q&A and our Picks of the Week

Varina Patel, Jay Patel, and Topher Martini join Frederick to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.

1.  New Olympus PEN E-P5 Boasts Several Impressive New Features

2.  Mirrorless Cameras


Jay: Geology & Weather Gallery:

Topher: 10,000 Photo Projects and

Frederick: Olympus OMD-5


Natural Landscapes Photo Contest

We at TWiP HQ are wondering just how much talent we have in the TWiP audience. So, we're throwing down the gauntlet. Here's the deal, submit your best LANDSCAPE or NATURE photograph to us before May 31st and you might win…

Grand Jury Prize –  One 20×24 iAcrylic heirloom print:  3/4 inch thick industrial acrylic surface, stainless backed. Plus you will be have the opportunity to be a TWiP Co-Host and discuss your image LIVE (in a Google Hangout) with the other photographers on the panel.

People's Choice Prize – One 20×24 iAcrylic heirloom print:  3/4 inch thick industrial acrylic surface, stainless backed. Plus you will be have the opportunity to be a TWiP Co-Host and discuss your image LIVE (in a Google Hangout) with the other photographers on the panel.

Interview with Trey Ratcliff

Frederick had the chance to sit down with Trey Ratcliff at Google I/O to discuss to his personal workflow and his ambitious experiment with mirrorless camera technology.

Check out Trey's New Zealand Landscape & Natural Photography tutorial, and use the code TWIPPHOTO for 20% off!

New Gear Reviews with Doug Kaye

Frederick and Doug Kaye have teamed up to start a new gear review series. In this episode Doug and Frederick discuss the virtues of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 versus the Sony NEX 7. Plus a discussion on the general plusses and minuses behind mirror-less technology.

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  1. Thanks for having us on the show this week, Frederick. We always have a fantastic time speaking with you. It’s entirely too much fun. 🙂

    1. Hey Chris, yes Varinas keyword list is now under the “Other Links Mentioned” tab above.

  2. Enjoyed the first of the gear review series. One thing I believe you missed that I’m sure you are aware of and worth a mention, is that any lens you mount on the OM-D will get the benefit of the sensor based image stabilization. Plus a general bonus to the mirrorless cameras are being able to use any manual lens if you can get an adapter to suit your mount. Combined with the mirrorless cameras manual focusing aids you can get some cheap entertainment with bang-on-focus. I often use a Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 I was given on my OM-D and have gotten nice results.

    1. Yup. We had three pages of notes for comparing the cameras and just ran out of time. I agree that the in-body stabilization feature is nice. It’s something I miss (just a little) with the Zeiss lenses on the Sony cameras. Most of the lenses branded Sony include OSS. Like you, I have a $25 adapter for my old Nikon primes to use them with my NEX body. Works great!

  3. Keep the episode coming. Really like the length. Do some comparisons of lens for the M4:3.

  4. Frederick, congrats on the Olympus purchase. Good choice
    You can have up to 4 profiles in the OMD, so you can set one profile using jpeg at medium quality and art filter bracket. I call this the “Party Mode”, which allows for quick WIFI share with friends at a party already with some filters applied. Instant shoot, edit, share experience. Most likely not serious shots.

    1. I’ll do that. I was thinking of setting up Party Mode, HDR mode, Long Exposure Mode, and Portrait Mode.

  5. Fred, please describe the lens hood and filter you put on the front of your OMD.

  6. I am using 12-35, 35-100, and 100-300 Panasonic lenses. Why go to primes; everyone says the 12-35 and the 35-100 are sharp.

  7. Doug, my concern with the Nex-7 is that there is no cable release ability.

  8. Fred, take a look at the Really Right Stuff L-Plate for the OMD and the add-on extra grip. It is an amazing piece of machined metal.