This week Frederick Van Johnson, Martin Bailey and Don Komarechka get set for an engaging conversation about:

  • Photographers and the law
  • And an interview with Canadian street photographer Sara Collaton

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1. Photographers and the law (13:50)


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Martin: ProCamera iPhone app & Jeffrey Friedl’s plug-in Data Explorer. Want a free copy of the ProCamera App?! Be one of the first 6 to email Martin Bailey at procamera@martinbaileyphotography.com. (If the email bounces back, you were too late.)

Don: Camera Axe (shutter or flash trigger based on various sensors)

Frederick: GoPro Hero3 review by Dave Dugdale of LearningDSLRVideo.com


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Interview with Sara Collaton

This week, Frederick enjoyed a chat with Canadian street photographer Sara Collaton. Join the conversation as Sara tells of how an art teacher’s criticism helped to launch her photography career. Sara also shares tips about how to get close to your subject, lens choices and more.


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