TWiP #277 – Space Jumps, DNG, & Lederhosen


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Joseph Linaschke, Derrick Story, Ron Brinkmann

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • 35 cameras record Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump
  • Adobe expands the DNG format
  • A round-table discussion about Apple's Aperture

Joseph Linaschke, Derrick Story, and Ron Brinkmann join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.

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  1. Frederick, I am usually impressed with what I learn from your show, but you had some inaccuracies about the skydive. First you mentioned seeing the curvature of the earth that looked like a giant ball beneath him. There may have a slight curve seen at that altitude, but the wide angle lenses exaggerated that, as you can see from some of the video, the curve of the earth goes the other way. This I would have expected you to realize with your knowledge of cameras and lenses.

    You also implied that the cameras were ALL on Felix (“He was just a falling terminal velocity studio”), that’s not true. All but three of the cameras were either inside the capsule, or attached to the outside of it. You also asked why they would strap a 5D to him, why not use a Go Pro?”. Well, they did have 3 Go Pro’s on him recording the jump. Just wanted to keep the info correct, but maybe I am just too close to this, being a skydiver myself.

    Keep up the great show,

  2. Is it Adobe or Apple that expands the DNG format? Your Top Stories listing on this page is misleading!

  3. Great show as always Frederick. I was really interested interested in the Aperture Inspector info, but what about a solution for the 90% of us that use PC’s?

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