TWiP #269 – Camera Evolution or Intelligent Design

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Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye, and Ron Brinkmann

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • Who’s been stalking your Facebook photos (6:00)
  • New “smart cameras” from Nikon & Sony (14:30)
  • Getty & Pictage Change Hands (24:30)
  • Vogue Bans Underage & Skinny Models (29:15)
  • And an interview with Sue Bryce (37:00)

Douge Kaye & Ron Brinkmann join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.


creativeLIVE & TWiP

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, TWiP is now partnering with creativeLIVE in an effort to bring a wider selection of photography interviews into our show, as well as sharing some of the amazingly cool long-form workshops that creativeLIVE offers.

It’s a huge win for our listeners, creativeLIVE, and for TWiP!

creativeLIVE is an online classroom that you can watch live for FREE. Then if you decide you want to own the workshop, to watch again later, you can purchase it and download the videos!

The next workshops coming up are:

  • Sue Bryce with a special 5 day event on Beauty Photography of Women
  • Roberto Valenzuela with Location, Posing, & Execution
  • Matthew Jordan Smith on Working with Models

You can check out all of these (and other) workshops on the creativeLIVE.com website.


Interview with Sue Bryce

In this interview, Frederick chats with beauty & glamour photographer Sue Bryce. Sue is known for her amazing portraits and beauty photography which have won her several awards including Australia’s Portrait Photographer of the Year. You can learn more about Sue by visiting her website at www.suebryce.com.

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[tab title=”Top Stories”]

1. Who’s been stalking your Facebook photos

2. New “Smart Cameras” from Nikon & Sony

3. Carlyle Group buys Getty Images for $3.3B

4. RHV Capital takes control of Pictage

5. Vogue bans skinny models


[tab title=”Picks of the Week”]

Doug: Papers by Breathing Color & Doug’s Review of Glossy & Lustre Papers

Ron: Cameramator – wireless tethering Kickstart Project

Frederick: Portraiture by Imagenomic & Scott Kelby’s Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques


[tab title=”Other Links Mentioned”]

1. Leaked iPhone 5 Spoof Video

2. Ron’s Post on Camera Features He’d Like



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Connect with Our Hosts & Guests:

Doug Kaye: http://www.dougkaye.com or Twitter or Google+

Ron Brinkmann: http://www.digitalcomposting.com or Twitter or Google+

Frederick Van Johnson: www.mediabytes.com or www.twitter.com/frederickvan or Google+


Pre-production by: Bruce Clarke
Post production by: Suzanne Llewellyn
Bandwidth provided by: Cachefly
Intro Music by Scott Cannizzaro
Photo Credit: Ted Murphy on Flickr

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