TWiP #259 – A Wider Aperture


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Derrick Story, Dan Ablan, Nicole Young

Episode Overview

Apple releases new hardware and updates to Aperture at WWDC, Canon rolls out two new STM lenses, and Leica makes a $50,000 Limited Edition camera. We also dig into the topic of whether it’s better to specialize or generalize in photography.

Once again we’ve reverted back to recording the show using Skype due to some concerns with the audio coming from G+. If we can get the audio out of G+ to match what our audience has become accustomed to, we will go back.

This week:

  • Aperture gets a significant update (6:30)
  • Apple adds a retina display to the MacBook Pro (12:30)
  • Canon releases two new STM lenses (33:30)
  • Leica announces a $50,000 Limited Edition Camera (43:30)
  • Is it better to specialize or generalize in your photography? (48:50)

Derrick Story, Dan Ablan, and Nicole Young join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

[box]We record TWiP every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, so be sure to circle Frederick on Google+ to catch the show. *Note that this week’s show was recorded as an audio only show while we work out some things on the technical end to improve the audio quality of the recordings via Google Hangouts.


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[tab title=”Top Stories”]

1. Apple adds retina displays to the MacBook Pro

2. Aperture gets an update

3. Canon rolls out new STM lenses

4. Leica announces a $50K Limited Edition camera


[tab title=”Picks of the Week”]

Derrick Story: New MacBook Pro 15″ Retina Display

Dan Ablan: Photoshop Compositing Secrets by Matt Kloskowski

Nicole Young: Gelaskins

Frederick Van Johnson: Apple Aperture ($79)



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Nicole Young: http://www.nicolesyblog.com or Twitter or Google+

Frederick Van Johnson: www.mediabytes.com or www.twitter.com/frederickvan or Google+


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