TWiP #255 – Deliberate Photography


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Dan Ablan, Ron Brinkmann, Valerie Jardin

Episode Overview

This week:

  • “The Pirates” movie filmed with 50 1D Mark IIIs
  • Leica announces an $8000 monochrom camera
  • Attorney Allen Melser demystifies the legalities of model releases
  • Being deliberate and pre-visualizing
  • Plus Frederick sits down to chat with wildlife photographer Charles MacPherson

Dan Ablan, Ron Brinkmann, and Valerie Jardin join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.

A few weeks ago, Frederick had a Google+ Hangout with our newest panel member Valerie Jardin to chat about diversified income streams.


We record TWiP every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, so be sure to circle Frederick on Google+ to catch the show.

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  1. I wouldn’t spend $8k on the leica, but a dedicated Black and White sensor at a reasonable price, yes, yes I would…MaxMax does it, but I haven’t seen any reviews of the camera, but the examples on their site are impressive…

    And is the Leica treated as a color image in RAW since there is no B&W RAW.

    Honestly, what I do for Black and White is to still shoot film. Ilford Pan F 50 and my Minolta Maxxum 7 are hard to beat.

  2. Love your podcasts Frederick, really, and thanks for another great show. Valerie I know, and it was great to meet Dan and Ron.

  3. I really enjoyed the interview with Charles McPherson in the audio version of the podcast. Very informative indeed!

  4. How about making a memory card that can hold 32 images. Without been able to erase them using your camera.

  5. You had that question from a listener who was asked to do a wedding for $800 for a friend. You suggested they not. That’s fine, but don’t get upset if your mechanic friend or house painter acquaintance won’t give you a discount simply because they’re your friend. That’s what friendship is about, helping each other. Newsflash, we’re in a recession and money’s tight.
    While photography is a art, don’t get caught up in your own importance. Sure, your rate might be $3,000 or whatever, but it’s still just a picture and as much as I truly respect a good photo and the work that goes into it, 20 years from now it’s the memories the pictures will evoke, and they’ll evoke those same memories whether taken with a D70 or a Polaroid Instamatic.