TWiP #254 – The Psychology of Photography


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Derrick Story, Bruce Clarke

Episode Overview

This week:

  • The Psychology of Photography – Mindset
  • Canon and Nikon announce fixes, workarounds for their latest camera bodies
  • BlackBerry announces new camera enhancements coming to BlackBerry 10
  • Olympus reveals a new Ultra-rugged camera
  • Plus Frederick sits down to chat with Playboy centrefold and celebrity photographers Arny Freytag and Jarmo Pohjaniemi.

Derrick Story and Bruce Clarke join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.

On the Playboy “Casting Couch” with Arny Freytag and Jarmo Pohjaniemi.

We record TWiP every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, so be sure to circle Frederick on Google+ to catch the show.

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  1. Good show this week – nice to have less gear, and more about actual photography. But sometimes I think it is hard to tell who is your target audience. Some of your comments and thoughts are very basic, and not something that should come as news for the advanced amateur or the professional. But other parts of the show is very much aimed at the professional or aspiring professional. Who is listening to TWiP?

    Your news section is sporadic at best. Seems to be more or less random what you pick. This week you picked a rugged Olympus camera – but failed to talk about the new monochrome Leica.

    Have you considered doing a Reddit to let the listeners vote, and more importantly submit, stories? Just like they do on Tech News Today: … could be a nice way to get new inputs into the show.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Adam. We’ll take your Reddit recommendation under consideration. Depending on our schedules, we often put the show together 3-4 days before we actually record it so sometimes news stories will break after we’ve decided which new stories we’re going to talk about. If it’s a really big story we’ll try to switch gears last minute but often we’ll just put on the following show. We also try to consider who is going to be on as guests and will hold off talking about certain stories or conversely include certain stories depending on who our guests will be. Derrick is a fan of the Olympus cameras and often reviews them so that is why we included that story on this week’s show.

    As for our target audience, it covers a wide range from beginner to advanced amateur all the way up to full-time working pros so we try to provide enough variety every week to hit all levels. 

  3. To Adam’s point, you mentioned the new rugged Olympus but have yet to touch on the Olympus OM-D EM-5?!?!?!  I believe FVJ mentioned in passing the possibility of an entire show on it?  Would love to get your thoughts on this exciting addition to the M4/3s market.  

  4. I really enjoyed the format of this show with the news/gear being at the beginning (and brief) and the main body of the show being a good discussion. I really enjoyed hearing the lenses that everyone routinely carries in their bag. What would have made it even better is if there was some mention of why those particular lenses. Everyone seemed to have the same focal lengths covered (wide angle, fast 50, portrait lens, 28 -70, and 70-200) yet all three hosts do different types of photography.  

    On what make a good photograph I can agree with the yardstick being emotional impact. I think truly great photos have emotional impact beyond their context. My Mom loves all the photos I take of my son no matter what the composition, lighting, or focus. Great photos should elicit an emotion in people that are not explicitly  connected to the subject.

  5. As someone who came upon this site knowing little to nothing about photography, I was hooked! Even for a total novice, I was able to follow along with your show and enjoy the discussion. I’ll definitely be doing some more research so that I’ll hopefully be more informed next time around!

  6. First of all this is the best photography podcast, and i don’t miss a single one. I love the humor, the topics and the focus on photography all the time.
    But, In this show and a little bit in #253 the audio quality is bad, there is a hisssss in the background that is really annoying, I think it is because of the hangout’s, so please!!!!!! don’t sacrifice the audio of the podcast for the hangouts

  7. 50 to 100 lights…..are you kidding?
    Anyone else thinks that was bragging, saying that is why you can’t make pics like I do.
    I am much more Impressed with someone shooting solo with one or two lights and having the photo move me.
    It seems like these highly payed shooters NEED a crew to take their photos.