TWiP #244 – 5D Mark III, iPad 3, & Lightroom 4


This week on TWiP! Canon announces the 5D Mark III and the new 600EX Flash, Apple announces the iPad 3 and iPhoto for the iPad, and Lightroom 4 launches at half price.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye, and Syl Arena

Episode Overview:

This week Canon finally pulled back the curtain on the hotly anticipated 5D Mark III, and also announced a new series of Speedlites with built-in radio triggering. What does this mean for the future of Speedliting?

Plus this week Apple announced the iPad 3 and iPhoto for the iPad; and Adobe Lightroom 4 was officially released.

Doug Kaye and Syl Arena join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week's episode of TWiP.

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  1. Terrific podcast! So glad to finally hear people discuss the new Canon gear. This is extremely helpful to me and all of those who need to make decisions on what gear to buy or upgrade to. Would love to learn more about how the image quality and performance of the 5DIII compares to other brands, to help us make best decisions. Thanks guys!

  2. Can you tell me where the headphone jack is on the D7000? I’d love to use it, but none of the jacks will allow me to listen to audio when I record.

  3. You can connect most Android Tablets via USB cable directly to your DSLR and use it for liveview and as some kind of enhanced remote control. Rumors expect new Samsung tablet next days. 11,6inch display with 2560×1600 resolution. They make also the new ipad display and SoC

    1. Some sites here got their new iPad now and it seems like it has more bad things than good ones. So better stay on iPad 2 or look for an alternative 🙂

      – many apps are slower because of the higher resolution (some games are unplayable)
      – you don’t see such a big difference compared to other current tablets except for text – but not in every app. Kindle app for example renders different so it doesn’t look much better
      – batterylife is much shorter. while iPad 2 got 11,7h videoplayback with wifi and 3g turned of the new one gets barely 8,5h with lte/wifi turned off
      – the higher weight is pretty much noticeable and gets uncomfortable when you use it longer
      – and the worst thing – it requires 7 hours to charge (a prime for example just 2 hours). If you use it while you charge it charges just 5% per hour!
      – they couldn’t find any wifi hotspot option here (german review, but guess there will some other sites follow pretty soon too)

  4. Good discussion, however, I wish there would have been a discussion on the impact of upgrading from LR3 to LR4.  For example, some presets will continue to work as expected, some will flat out not function and in the worse case, some will function but produce different results when using the new process engine. For those who rely on presets, this can be a significant issue.

  5. The Paul C Buff commander has had the abilitily to control the head unit since last year or so. Canon liked the idea and incorporated it. Everyone will be doing this pretty soon

    1. Also you mentioned having a HD tablet to review your images when tethering, there is an android app out that already does this called “DslrController”. It allows you to shoot tethered in live view and fully control your camera on the tablet or to just use it as a review device allowing you to still use your viewfinder. Pair this with the new Asus transformer Prime TF201 with its IPS+ with 600nitts of brightness. Very good combo here. There are youtube vids out there showing off this app.

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