TWiP #238 – Deviantly Artistic


This week on TWiP… we get creatively deviant in a very special interview with Josh Wattles, the Advisor in Chief of deviantArt.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson with special guest Josh Wattles from deviantART.


This week, Frederick sat down with the Advisor in Chief from DeviantArt – Josh Wattles to learn more about the site, discuss who it is targeted at, notable artists on the site, and what the future holds for deviantART. Some important facts and figures about the deviantART site:

  • 50 million unique visitors a month
  • 140,000 daily uploads across hundreds of genres
  • 19 million active members
  • Approximately 31% of all deviations (uploads to the site) are categorized as photography
  • As of January 2012 there are 1.7 million photographers on deviantART (according to profile information)
  • Nearly 3,000 photography groups exist on deviantART

The purpose of the site is to allow artists to find each other, share their works with each other, and to integrate themselves with artists who are doing things in different types of media.

The deviantART Collection with Fotolia

Photo industry veteran Ellen Herbert and her team of photo editors, art directors and technology experts have handpicked the collection in conjunction with deviantART and Fotolia.

This Collection is a sampling of the millions of original photographs on deviantART/ 3,000 plus images are available, representing the work of more than 200 deviants from more than 50 countries, across a wide variety of categories.

Exclusively at, users can browse and purchase these high-end images through one single download purchase or with a subscription. By partnering with a global company such as Fotolia, this collection showcases the caliber of art and photography  available for commercial use on deviantART to Fotolia's 2.5 million users. DeviantART helps to invigorate the pool of microstock images already available.


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