TWiP #222 – Farewell Steven Paul Jobs

This week on TWiP: Farewell Steve Jobs, Apple rolls out the iPhone 4s, and Adobe announces a touch version of Photoshop for Android.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Rick Sammon, Sara France, and Jack Reznicki


Steve Jobs Passes Away
On Wednesday, Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 56. He will long be remembered for his many innovations which have shaped the way we communicate and share information today. Some of his most notable products includ the Macintosh computer, the iPod, the iPhone, and his most recent product the iPad. His products are used by millions of people today and Apple products have always been popular among the creative crowd.

Apple Announces the iPhone 4S with 8mp Camera
Apple yesterday announced the iPhone 4S with a greatly improved 8mp camera. The CMOS backside illuminated sensor gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and is 1/3rd faster. On top of that, it has a high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity. The iPhone 4S will also be capable of shooting 1080p video with real-time video image stabilization and real-time temporal noise reduction.

Nikon Puts It's Foot in It's Mouth on Facebook
In what can only be called a PR fail, Nikon posted a highly controversial comment on their Facebook page claiming that ‘Photographers are only as good as their equipment” which started a firestorm of angry comments throughout the various social networks.

Flickr Rolls Out Photo Session
This week Flickr rolled out a new feature called Session. Photo Session is a new interactive way to share Flickr photostreams and sets with your friends, so you can browse photos and chat together in real-time, on your computer, iPhone, or iPad.

Adobe Announces Photoshop Touch
The new Adobe® Photoshop® Touch app lets you quickly combine images, apply professional effects, share the results with friends and family through social networking sites like Facebook, and more – all from the convenience of your tablet.¹ Initially available for Androidâ„¢.

Nikon Introduces Mirrorless Cameras – J1 & V1
Nikon's long-awaited mirrorless camera system has arrived. Today Nikon announced the new J1 and V1 mirrorless cameras and four new Nikon “1 System” lenses. The two cameras have nearly identical specs: a 10.1 megapixel CX-format (13.2mmx8.8mm) CMOS sensor with 2.7x crop factor, a 3-inch LCD screen, 10fps shooting, 1080/30p HD video recording, 1200fps slow-motion recording at 320×120, simultaneous video/still capture, 73-point hybrid autofocus, and 12-bit RAW files.


Question 1: Ribshots in the forums would like to know: If I buy a limited edition photograph, how do I know the edition is actually limited? Sara said that it really comes down to trust and buying from a reputable studio. Jack says that if you're buying a limited edition print, there should be some paperwork and a way to verify it. Information flows easily these days so it doesn't take much for someone to find out something about a print and that can ruin a reputation very quickly if there are some shady things going on.

Question 2: Ryan has a question about medium RAW files. A medium RAW on a 7D is 10 mp vs 18 mp using full RAW. Am I getting the dynamic range benefit of a ten megapixel native camera when using medium RAW? Rick think s that if you're shooting with a 7D, you should be trying to get the full benefit out of that camera so he doesn't see the point in shooting at anything less than full RAW. Jack reminds us that the size of the file doesn't affect the dynamic range but rather it's the pixel depth that will be affected.


Sara – Pictage Partner Conference in San Diego (Nov 7th – 9th)

Rick – Promote Control

Jack – PPA Membership which now includes $15,000 of equipment insurance

Frederick – iPhone 4s


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