TWiP #220 – The Passionate Photographer

This week on TWiP: Self-publishing for Photographers, Amazing new cameras from Canon, and an interview with podcasting veteran, Martin Bailey.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Ron Brinkmann, Steve Simon, and Tristan Hall


Self-Publishing for Photographers
Steve just released a new book called The Passionate Photographer. Ron has written some books in his time and he interested in self-publishing and thinks that in the current digital age there are many opportunities to create eBooks. Tristan has been publishing a magazine called Photo Comment which is available online at and in print if you happen to live in South Africa. They are exploring ways to extend the magazine and create apps for Android and iOS. Other photographers such as David duChemin and Rick Sammon have seen success with their applications and eBooks. Ron thinks a neat idea for wedding photographers would be to create an application with videos and photos from a wedding and make it available to the guests as an application. He would love to know if a service exists that could turn a book into an app without having to know anything about coding.

Canon & Fuji Release New Gear
Recently Canon released a few new cameras including the Canon S100 (s95 replacement) and the Canon SX 40 which features their new Digic 5 processor. Ron thinks the S100 will be a nice replacement for his S95 and is interested in the GPS feature they have included in it. The SX40 features a zoom lens that features an 24-800 zoom lens. Fuji which has seen success with the X100, also announced the X10 with the similar retro look.

Back up resources – A great article on cloud-based back up services.


On this week's show, Frederick sits down with veteran podcaster and photographer Martin Bailey to hear his story. You can find out more about Martin and connect with him by visiting his website at


Question 1: Brian writes: I'm going to Uganda and I want to take some family portraits which I can print-out and give to each family. Can you go into more detail about the basic setup and work flow you'd suggest for doing this?
You might find some labs for printing while you are there but in terms of doing it yourself, Tristan suggests checking out the following site for some compact printers from Canon: Look for a dye-sub printer so you know how many prints you'll get out of a pack. You can also look at the Zink printers. Steve also suggests using the playback menu on the Nikon camera to mark images that you want for printing and then you can take the card to a drug store and print just those pictures in a hurry.

Question 2: Brent is wondering if anyone on the panel has any experience with Rad Labs from Totally Rad Actions? Nobody on the panel has tried it but Frederick suggest that if you are looking for actions  or plugins for any of Adobe's products, before paying for anything, check out Adobe's Exchange website for several free actions and plug-ins that you can download.

Question 3: Listener Pilger posted in the forums and is wondering how often they should send their camera in for servicing or to be re-calibrated? Steve thinks that for servicing it depends on your use. If you're not using it everyday or every week, then you probably don't need to do much. As a working professional, Steve will generally take his stuff in at least once per year for cleaning. If you attend any major photography shows, often the manufacturers will have booths setup where you can bring in your gear for cleaning, etc.


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