TWiP #172 – Sony, Panasonic, & the Feds

On this episode of TWiP, Panasonic introduces a 3D lens, onOne releases free Lightroom pre-sets, Homeland Security is going to allow photography outside Federal Buildings and is Sony working on a 24mp translucent mirror camera?

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Aaron Mahler, Tristan Hall, Derrick Story


Panasonic Announces an Interchangeable 3D Lens
Panasonic announced a new 3d interchangeable lens for its Lumix line of cameras. This new lens features two optical systems inside the diameter of the lens mount and allows for instant 3D shooting. From a geek perspective, the guys think 3D technology is very interesting but think its use in practical terms just isn't there yet. Once it's more mainstream, the market for these types of cameras might take off.

onOne Releases Free Lightroom Presets
onOne Software, makers of Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins, has released a set of 192 free Lightroom Pre-Sets which is available for download from onOne's website.

Homeland Security to Allow Photography Outside of Federal Buildings
As a result of a legal settlement, the Department of Homeland Security will be informing all security staff that photography of the exterior of Federal Buildings from public spaces will now be allowed. Derrick suggests that playing it calmly and just talking to someone when you get approached will resolve the situation 9 times out of 10.

Sony to Release 24mp Translucent Mirror Camera by 2011
The rumor mills say that Sony is working on a 24mp camera using the same translucent mirror technology found in the Alpha A33 and A55. This new camera is believed to be released by Sony sometime in 2011. Tristan has spent some time with many of the Sony cameras and shares his thoughts on their product lineup and explains how the translucent mirror works. Check out Sony's website for some additional information on the current cameras in their lineup featuring this technology.


Question #1: Norman, Oklahoma writes: I'm currently shooting with a Canon 450D and a 50mm f/1.4.  I'm liking my current setup, and I've recently gotten into off-camera flash as well.  I've got a Canon 430EX II Speedlite, light stand, shoot-thru umbrella, etc.  I'm enjoying the learning process of controlling and balancing light. Situation: I'm also finding myself in need of a decent zoom. I've used the 24-70 f/2.8 and like it a lot. And even though my current lens can open up to f/1.4, I find that most of my “Strobist” work is being done at around f/4 – f/8. 

So, now the 24-105 f/4 doesn't look half bad and costs a little less. But the 24-70 would be useful in more low-light situations as it can open up an entire stop wider than the other, which I could see myself using for taking portraits in natural light.  But if I end up using the 24-70 for a lot of Strobist work, I may not even use the wider aperture at all.  And from time to time I'd like to use it as a walk-around lens while on vacation and could benefit from the lighter weight. 

Now, do you see my dilemma?  I have the budget for the 24-70, but I could get the 24-105 and some extra gear for the same amount. Question: Would it be a better investment to pay around $1300 for the 24-70/2.8, or pay about the same for the 24-105/4 ($1000) and another Speedlite (the 430EX II costing about $275 online) to add to my off-camera flash setup?

Answer: Derrick thinks that with the 24-70 you'll get that extra f-stop but it is a heavier piece of glass. The 24-105 is a very light lens and since he's doing a lot of Strobist type work and has the 50mm 1.4 already, Derrick recommends going for the 24-105mm and the extra flash.

Question #2: atcavi8or from Las Cruces, New Mexico writes: I am considering getting an ExpoDisc because it looks like it is a great way to get a good white balance. However, is it useful if shooting RAW? * I always shoot RAW now and process in Lightroom. Will the ExpoDisc be useful or will the RAW files not even carry over the custom white balance that is used in the camera?

Answer: Aaron has some experience shooting with the ExpoDisc. It does work really well but he doesn't pull it out of his bag that often. When shooting RAW, you have a lot of flexibility with your WB setting however it does help to get a more accurate WB. Derrick likes to use the ExpoDisc when photographing models to get the right WB in the camera when he's showing previews to the models in the back of the camera. It's also very useful when you're shooting videos.



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  1. In case you guys missed it, Joseph Linaschke posted some concerns regarding Sony’s translucent mirror technology (the Photokina post on this site). I suppose Tristan would be the ideal person to ask, so I’m wondering why you haven’t?
    Any idea when Joseph will be back on the show?


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