The Weekly Fifty!

with Simon Ringsmuth

In this interview, Simon Ringsmuth joins me to talk about his amazing on-going personal project — The Weekly Fifty!

Simon Ringsmuth is a Faculty member and Instructional Designer at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches undergraduate students the principles of Project Management while working with professors across campus to help them improve their teaching skills. He and his wife have two young children and in their spare time they do family and high school senior portraits for people around their community and enjoy making photography a part of their daily lives. Simon is also a regular contributor to Digital Photography School where he writes columns about cameras, software, and lots of other topics related to photography.

Since the spring of 2013, Simon has maintained a blog called Weekly Fifty where he posts one picture each Wednesday, along with explanatory text and audio commentary, as a way of helping himself learn more about photography as well as how to use his camera. He got his start with an old Nikon D200 and 50mm lens, hence the name of the blog, but he has since branched out into other cameras and lenses while staying committed to the one-shot-per-week format. This has been instrumental in helping him learn and grow as a photographer, and even after six years, he has no intention of stopping. If anything, doing the blog has helped him see how much he still has to learn about photography.

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