The irresistible draw of photography

with Curt Saunders

In this interview, I chat with Adobe Rising Stars Curt Saunders. We discuss his path into photography, and what keeps him interested and exciting about the art form. He has a mountain of insight and a fresh perspective on photography, and it looks like he's at the beginning of an exciting and promising career.

About Curt:

Curt Saunders is a portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Curt’s work aims to explore themes of cultural identity, personal significance, and embodied creativity.

In 2020, Curt was named an Adobe Rising Star in partnership with Lightroom. Curt’s photo work has also been featured in collaboration with VSCO, Apple, and Target, with appearances on, and, among other digital publications.

Adobe's Rising Stars program aims to highlight the work and stories of 10 up-and-coming photographers from across the world.