The Intimacy of Macro Photography

with Karen Hutton

This week I chat with the amazing Karen Hutton! We discuss her unique approach to storytelling through macro photography. How do you tell a story, up close? How do you move away from the technical side of macro, and get more into the emotional side?

Karen is teaching a course on macro photography at the KelbyOne Outdoor Photography Conference coming up on May 17, 18, and 19. Check out the overview video at the bottom of this post.

The conference features several amazing speakers covering a variety of topics, from landscape to portrait, to fashion, and more. The event is just $299. But early registration is only $149.

About Karen Hutton

Karen Hutton

Karen is a professional Fujifilm X-Photographer, International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Artist, Speaker, Author, Educator, and Voice. Through stunning imagery, humor, thought-provoking ideas and a genuinely positive outlook, she inspires people to discover their artistic voice in photography — while making it all feel like an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure.

Her voice? Over the years, you may have heard it in commercials, narrations, apps, trains, tutorials & television.

Karen’s photographic art has been featured internationally by Fujifilm, she has presented at Photographer Talks at Google, created popular online courses for Kelbyone, has been translated into multiple languages, speaks all over the country about photography, creativity, and inspiration, and leads photography retreats in the U.S. and Europe.

Her adoring fans + customers have called her “Pure JOY, LIGHT & absolute FUN!”, “An inspirational gem” and “Incredibly artistic. Captivatingly genius. World class!”

Guilty pleasures? When she’s not traveling the world, you can find her watching epic movie trailers, crunching popcorn at the latest Marvel Comics blockbuster and sipping Bulletproof coffee.

Karen's website:
Karen's Fine Art website:
KelbyOne Outdoor Photography Conference:

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    1. Never heard of that app. But for me, my investment over the years in learning Photoshop means I should just spend the extra effort (if needed) to master macro within the app. Versus learning something different and arguably not as capable. But if you’ve mastered Zerene Stacker, you should absolutely continue using it. In the end, it’s about what YOU feel comfortable with… and lets you realize the final image. My 2¢.

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