Learning Photoshop and Lightroom from a Master – with Serge Ramelli

I’m passionate about photography. I specialize in landscapes, cities and interior designs. I love to learn new photography or retouching techniques and share them on my Youtube channel.

I like very dramatic type photos, inspirited by world famous movies such as Amelie Poulain by Jean Pierre Jeunet, Angela of Luc Besson, War Horse by Steven Spielberg, Gone with the wind by Victor Fleming, Gladiator by Ridley Scott. I cannot help but when I take a portrait I try to make it as a movie poster. In short I like the drama look.

I shot a full series of photos for about 8 years in Paris where every shot would look like as it comes straight out of a movie.

Some of my photos are heavily retouched, some not. What matters to me is the emotional impact, do people get something out of it or not?

Serge Ramelli’s Website

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