Organize your photo library, automatically.

with Excire Foto

I've been experimenting with some new AI-based (machine learning) key-wording software called Excire Foto for a few weeks now. I've been pretty impressed with the results. It's not perfect, but it's way better and more thorough than I could ever hope to be.

The software looks at every image in a directory tree you point it at and makes a super accurate analysis of every image it finds. Excire identifies objects, people, colors, structures, compositional elements like symmetry, and more. It then writes an IPTC standard keyword hierarchy to the XMP sidecar. This means any software that plays nicely with sidecar files (Lightroom, Capture One, etc) can see and utilize the keyword information.

The software also does facial recognition. So, for example, you could point the software at a hard drive full of family photos and have it identify all of the photos taken of grandpa wearing his redshirt while in Tuscany on a boat.

None of this processing happens in the cloud. It all happens locally (and privately) on your computer. And now that Google Photos are making changes to their pricing structure, this tool makes even more sense.

Check out the short video above to see it in action.

Grab a free trial here:

Excire Foto

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  1. Hi team

    Appears to be a very useful and innovative solution. Would love to see a demo and use it for my thousands of fotographs.

    Stay safe