Making Images with Story and Light

with Benjamin Edwards

In this interview I sit down with wedding and portrait photographer Benjamin Edwards. Ben and I discuss not only his wedding and portrait work but also his “extracurricular” photographic endeavors and how he believes “story” is a key and missing component in many of today’s photography.

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About Benjamin Edwards

Benjamin Edwards is a wedding, portrait, and humanitarian photographer based out of Bend, Oregon. After commissioning Kevin Kubota to photograph he and his wife Lauren’s wedding in 2002, Benjamin saw the power of the photographic lens and knew he had found a passion.

Whether documenting a bride’s perfect day, the dangers of female genital mutilation in Uganda, or the crisis in the Congo, Benjamin relies on his Faith, caffeine, and love of his craft to ensure the image is captured.

Benjamin was featured in Photo District News magazine in Sept. 2009 as a “Photographer Making A Difference,” and won a Hollywood Film Festival award in 2009 for a short film he directed to raise awareness calling for the halt to conflict mining in the DRC.

In May of 2011, Benjamin was featured on Framed, an inspirational and educational web-based series for photographers. The episode revolved around Benjamin’s passions, fears and hope for his photography.

More recently, Benjamin has written the third edition of Nikon: Creative Lighting System Digital Field Guide for Wiley Publishing and has co-founded Workshops With Purpose, a workshop dedicated to teaching storytellers how to story-tell in an ethical way for NGO’s. Benjamin has also launched his own domestic workshops series, Story + Light.


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