Visual Momentum: How 37 Hours Can Change a Life – Generation TBD!

with Melissa "Bunni" Elian

In this interview, I sit down with Melissa “Bunni” Elian to discuss her on-going project “Generation TBD”, and how being a Multimedia Journalist has allowed her to not only document and affect change in lives — but also her own. We discuss her personal journey into photography, and how she is able to mitigate some of the challenges that come with being a young woman of color — with a camera.

Bunni at The

The Phoblographer has posted a powerful article about Bunni and the Generation TBD project. Be sure to check it out over at The site is an amazing resource for photographers of all types.

About Bunni

Bunni’s work has been published in The New York Times, NBC News, Quartz, ESPN, NPR, BuzzFeed & Glamour. She’s also produced work for various organizations like Google, The Equal Justice Initiative, and UN Women. Beginning with video in 2010 at The Journal News, in 2013 she began freelancing as a photojournalist.

After enrolling in Columbia Journalism School in May of 2016, she was hired as a Photo Editor by, where she’d remain throughout the election year. She graduated in May 2019.

Bunni is an Alumni of the Missouri Photo Workshop.67 and Eddie Adams Workshop XXX, and also the recipient of a Pulitzer Center grant for a research trip to South Africa for her long-form multimedia analysis on the global impact of AFROPUNK.

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