Finding the Photographer’s Vision

with Giulio Sciorio

In this interview TWiP regular Giulio Sciorio joins me to discuss his latest project — “Finding the Photographers Vision“. “G” is on a quest to help photographers establish their photographic “look” and direction.

Starting the week of July 30th, finding the Photographer’s Vision is designed to help you create a body of work that expresses the unique vision inside of you. We will be working together to develop a portfolio inspired by your artistic identity and vision. This transformative workshop will align you on the path to create your best photography for life.

In “G's” own words:

I’m Giulio Sciorio but my friends call me “G” and I’ve been a leader in photography since 2009. I predicted things like cinemagraphs, vertical video and am the only photographer to have been sponsored by both Olympus and Panasonic. My edgy but real conversations got me on the best photo podcasts in the world, got me on stage at CES, Imaging USA, WPPI and a few keynotes at my favorite photo conferences.

What do you get for $150?

  • Live coaching session with live Q&A every week
  • Four weeks of coaching
  • Weekly assignments that will help you break new ground creatively
  • Two hours of private 1 on 1 coaching with Giulio
  • PDF book of the Vision Based Workflow and creative exercises upon completion of the course
  • Free upgrade to future-stand alone versions of the course.Space is limited to 15 students. Enrollment closes July 27th or when the class is full.