Being Female, in Photography — with Sara France

Wedding and portrait photographer Sara France joins the show to discuss her experiences and challenges with being female in the photography industry.

About Sara, from her bio:

A funny thing to know about me is that most people call me by my full name. Even my closest friends call me, Sara France. So, feel free to join in on the fun if you like.

I am extremely proud to have been given the honor of being 1 of 5 wedding photographers in the world to be named a Sony Artisan of Imagery. I am also currently a mentor in Sony’s revolutionary Alpha Female program. Sony is an amazing company doing groundbreaking things in the photography industry and I am so grateful to be a part of that movement.

My work as a wedding photographer was first recognized by Apple who selected a few of my weddings to display in Apple stores and online. If you have seen a wedding image used by Apple it is most likely one that I photographed!

However, my greatest accolades so far are the hundreds of thank you letters and hugs I have received over the years from happy couples who have loved their experience of working with me. Connecting with my clients is my favorite part of my job, and when that happens so does the magic. There is nothing greater than the thrill of a happy couple and the joy of being part of the most important day in their lives!

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