A Trek to Snow Lake

Here is interesting account of one TWiP listeners' journey to Snow Lake in Pakistan… as it happens, he and his camera were witness to the beginning of the devastating floods that would go on to play havoc with the lives of over 20 million people. – Frederick


I am a regular listener of your podcast and an avid photographer.

Recently I went on a trek that I have obsessed about for the last 4 years in the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan. It was a trek to Snow Lake, a remote ice basin that has been described by some as the most beautiful on the planet.

Unfortunately a day away from Snow Lake we had to turn around due to bad weather. On the journey back the bad weather turned into some of the most destructive in Pakistan's history. We ended up getting stuck en-route due to floods and landslides. We were lucky to make it back safely.

The floods whose start we got caught in are still devestating Pakistan. Even though we didn't reach Snow Lake, I still returned with some great photographs. It was surprising to see peoples reaction to these photographs as this was not what they were expecting to see of Pakistan.

In view of the current situation I wanted to use these photographs to show the different sides of Pakistan and maybe even sell some photographs, all the money going to the flood relief. I am at a loss about how to proceed with doing this, I am based in New York but have never made an attempt to show or sell any of my photographs before. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have as to how I could do this.

I only recently got back and am still going through all my photographs. I have gone through only about half the photographs and have posted some from them on my website.

Thanks for your time and help.