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Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson

Special Guest: Daniel Milnor

Episode Overview

This week on a special holiday episode of TWiP, Frederick  sits down with Daniel Milnor – Blurb’s Photographer at Large, to discuss the current state of digital publishing as it relates to photographers.

Frederick and Daniel discuss the options available to photographers along with the pros and cons of self-publishing and digital publishing.

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    • Marcin

      This selfpromotion and free publicity for commercial organisations became very tiring Frederick.

      I can’t listen to the recent episodes.

    • Good show. I wonder if Blurb or any of the other photobook makers are planning to get an iPad compatible app or website anytime soon. My PC has been slowly dieing and for now my iPad is my main computer. The freedom associated with just using my iPad has me wanting more out of it. I can’t find any apps that make true photobooks like Blurb, snapfish, shutterfly, etc.

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