TWiP 494: Beautifully Aging Beauty

On this week's show, Pirelli shows the beauty of age with their 2017 calendar. Are photographer's flocking to Microsoft? And Phase One releases Capture One 10

TWiP 370 – No Place to Hide

This week on TWiP, 4th Amendment doesn't apply to online storage, Canon & Microsoft sign patent agreement, and a restaurant in New York finds that smartphone photos have doubled table times since 2004.

TWiP #279 – The iPad mini for Photographers

This week on TWiP, we round up the news and announcements from Photoplus Expo, new hardware & software from Microsoft & Apple, Nikon dealing with dirty sensors on the D600, Canon's profits down, and an interview with photographer Danny Postawa.

TWiP #170 – Adobe <3 Microsoft?

On this episode of TWiP, the old gang catches up to chat about new gear and carry around cameras, Microsoft visits Adobe, and Derrick shares his thoughts on his recent trip to Photokina. Hosts: Frederick...