TWiP 412 – The ArtOfficial Photographer

This week on TWiP, Flickr revamps and releases new tools for organizing your photos. Plus Camera51 helps users compose the perfect shot & Kodak clinging to a life after film. Plus Books Institute changes ownership - listen to an insightful interview with Brooks’ president Dr. Tim Gramling.

TWiP #275 – Sony Dating Olympus

This week on the show: Sony becomes the largest shareholder in Olympus. Kodak leaves the consumer printing market. A new App that allows you to take just one photograph...ever. IKEA Saudi Arabia photoshops women out of its catalog. And an interview with photographer and educator Michael Willems.

TWiP #213 – Patent Smurfs

On this episode of TWiP, needs your help, Kodak looking to sell off billion dollar patents, future camera technology, and a round-table discussion on image backup strategies.