TWiP #294: Inmates Take Over the Asylum

This week, Frederick is away so Martin Bailey settles into the hosting chair as the inmates take over the asylum to talk about iStockPhoto’s decision to give the boot to one if their top contributors. Also, updates from Flickr, Instagram and 500px, and a round-table discussion on cloud solutions for photographers. Plus a special interview with Ryan Stansky from Squarespace.

All About Microstock (VIDEO)

Eliza and Dave Snow have built a dynamic microstock business selling their photos and videos online. The microstock model has allowed them to live their dream lifestyle of working when and how they want to and following their creative passion.

TWiP #167 – Death by Groupon

On this episode of TWiP, iStock Photo makes some changes, a photographer learns how Groupon can easily be Mob-on, and architectural photography Jeffrey Totaro joins the team.