TWiP #275 – Sony Dating Olympus

This week on the show: Sony becomes the largest shareholder in Olympus. Kodak leaves the consumer printing market. A new App that allows you to take just one photograph...ever. IKEA Saudi Arabia photoshops women out of its catalog. And an interview with photographer and educator Michael Willems.

TWiP #270 – Apple’s Clone Wars

Apple beats Samsung in court, IKEA chooses 3D over photography, Sony and Samsung release 'smart' cameras, photography at the speed of light and an interview with Matthew Jordan Smith.

TWiP #253 – The Retouching Debate

This week on TWiP we're discussing possible entry-level full-frame dSLRs from Nikon & Canon, a teenager petitions Seventeen magazine to publish non-airbrushed images, the Olympics is looking to ban the sharing of photos via social networks, and home furnishing giant IKEA enters the camera market.