DxO One

The DxO One is a unique camera. Like the Sony QX cameras, it depends on a smartphone for its viewfinder/display and controls, but the One is iPhone-only and connects via the Lightning port rather than WiFi....

Sony RX100 MK IV

Sony updates its popular RX100 with a new third version. It's already being heralded as the best compact. But at $800, it’s also the most expensive.

Leica Q

The Leica Q is the first of what could become an entirely new product line for the German manufacturer. It includes a non-interchangeable 28mm f/1.7 Summilux autofocus (!) lens coupled with a gorgeous full-...

TWiP Family 000: The Birth of a New TWiP Show

In this first episode of TWiP Family, I talk with Frederick Van Johnson, photographer and host of This Week in Photo. No matter what camera you use - DSLR, mirrorless or iPhone - I bet you are taking pictures of your kids. You may be at the playground, in the backyard or on the sidelines of the soccer field. These photos are important. Frederick and I talk about our hopes and dreams for this new show.

Doug Shoots Film!

What's gotten into Doug? He hadn't shot a roll of film for more than 15 years, but after collecting used M-mount lenses (Leica and Voigtlander) to use with his Sony a7-family cameras, he suddenly realized, "He...

Nikon D810

Nikon’s original D800 and D800e 36MP monsters, launched in 2012, were impressive -- even groundbreaking -- but also flawed in some ways. The company’s new D810 is an evolutionary refinement of the pair. Though ...

Thank You TWiP Listeners!

This morning I recorded this quick "thank you" for the TWiP listeners. The This Week in Photo team is very appreciative of all your support, feedback and tips. You all make doing the show worthwhile.

Schedule Update – London Calling

Frederick has been called away to London for next couple of weeks on a secret assignment. While he's enjoying tea and crumpets with the Queen, we'll be treating you to some great interviews to satisfy your TWiP cravings while Frederick is away. We'll resume our regular weekly show after the July 4th holidays.