Street Focus 91: Photo Exhibit Special

This week on Street Focus, my guest is Jeff Harrington, the director and curator of the Mpls Photo Center. We discuss my experience jurying my first international call for entry Meet Me Downtown as well as my solo exhibit Paris Je T’aime from idea to grand opening, and all the steps in between.

The opening of Paris Je T’aime video:

My amazing experience working with WHCC:


Meet Me Downtown Call for Entry opening video:

Please note that we are planning an exhibit closing party for Paris Je T’aime and Meet me Downtown on August 26th from 7-9 pm at the Mpls Photo Center in Minneapolis. Contact Valerie to be notified with details.

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The day I picked up a camera I became a storyteller. I now live and breathe in pixels! After working as a commercial photographer for several years, I realized that my love for the craft could serve others. Sharing the passion is now where I focus all my energy through teaching international photo workshops, speaking at seminars, writing, blogging and now podcasting. I am also thrilled to be an X Photographer for Fujifilm USA. Although I photograph everything and anything that moves me, my passion for mankind drives me to shoot street photography every day. I thrive on searching the story in a single frame. Find my Street Photograph: First Steps and Beyond on my website!

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  • Thanks for sharing this discussion! The opening was a wonderful experience and my hat is off to Jeff and the staff of the MplsPC for pulling all of it together so quickly and beautifully! And kudos to you, Valerie, for taking on the daunting task as juror – the photos in the call for entries exhibit are incredibly strong, and seen together with your masterful images of Paris make for an impressive statement on the beauty of Street Photography today! I am honored and proud to be a part of the larger community, but more specifically proud to be a part of the Street Focus community!!

  • Richard Flansburg

    Congratulations to Jeff, the MPC staff members, volunteers and you, Valerie, for a great experience from entry through the Grand Opening soiree. I am very thankful that I entered and honored that you chose one of my photos for inclusion and an award which was the frosting on the cake for me. Everyone I talked with at the Opening was friendly, interested and interesting. MPC is definitely an asset to the Minneapolis and St. Paul photo and art communities and to both cities in general. Keep up the good work and I hope that I will be able to work with MPC again,