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Jared Polin

TWiP Talks 06: FroKnowsPhoto on DSLR Video

In this TWiP Talks interview I sit down with prolific YouTuber, Podcaster and Photographer Jared Polin aka FroKnowsPhoto. We discuss his new approach to teaching photographers how to navigate the mysterious world of creating professional quality videos using “regular” equipment.
Beauty After Breast Cancer

TWiP Talks 05: Beauty After Breast Cancer

This project, Beauty After Breast Cancer, is a book being produced by Katelyn Carey, a nurse who had a preventative mastectomy at the age of 29. Together with photographer and TWiP host Joseph Linaschke, they are working with a team of devoted professionals in the Ashland, OR area, to create a Kickstarter funded resource unlike anything currently available.

All About the Gear

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Street Focus

Street Focus 13: The Reunions with Chris Porsz

I am pleased to share with you a conversation with my good friend and UK photographer Chris Porsz. Paramedic by night and a street photographer by day, Chris wanders tirelessly the streets of Peterborough, England with his camera in his quest to find familiar faces he photographed 30 years earlier in order to shoot a reunion.

All About the Gear


Fujifilm X30

The Fujifilm X30 is a replacement for the X20. The new camera has an electronic viewfinder instead of a rangefinder and includes a lot of new features. It’s relatively inexpensive at $600 including the non-interchangeable 4x zoom lens, but it’s still too large for a pocket.
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