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TWiP 474: The Devolution of Craft

There's a new app to colorize your B&W photos but do these automated apps devolve the craft of photography? Plus Apple gets a patent to disable the camera in the iPhone and DJI introduces an updated GEO fencing system.

TWiP 473: Fujifilm X-T2 – Evolution of a Good Thing

Fujifilm is at it again, this time they’ve released the successor to their wildly popular X­T1 mirrorless camera, the X­T2. There are a number of refinements on this new body, and one of the big ones is that it features full 4K video!

TWiP 472 LIVE: Defending Polycamory

It's our first ever TWiP recorded live in front of a studio audience at the Out of Chicago Conference with an all-star panel including: Scott Bourne, Derrick Story, Ron Pepper, Valerie Jardin, Rob Knight and Steve Brokaw.


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TWiP Family 62: George Lange

This week, Jenny jumps in the car for a drive around Pittsburgh with photographer, George Lange. The conversation covers his early career and how he sees and photographs both his family and clients now.

TWiP Weddings


TWiP Weddings 041: The Client Experience

This week we’re going to talk about the client experience. From the moment a potential client inquiries about your services, through to the final delivery of their images and beyond, what are the key ingredients that create an exceptional client experience?

TWiP Weddings 040: Succession Planning

On this week’s episode we’re going to talk about succession planning and things wedding photographers should be doing to safeguard their businesses in the event something happens to them and they are unable to run it.


Procssing Underwater Photos

TheFIX 075: Erika Thornes – Underwater Photography

On the 75th episode of TheFIX photographer Erika Thornes joins Seán Duggan for a conversation about her beautiful and dreamlike underwater images, as well as tips for photographing portraits and models underwater, and the Lightroom processing techniques she uses to color correct, improve and enhance her underwater photography.
Lightroom keywords

TheFIX 074: Lightroom Keywords 101

In this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with keywords in Lightroom so you can locate images more easily. We start with applying keywords on import and then look at ways to apply and edit keywords after the photos have been imported, with a look at keywording concepts and strategy. Stops on our journey include the Keywording and Keyword Lists panel, working with suggested keywords and creating keyword sets.

TheFIX 073: iOS Photos – Quick Tips

New to the iPhone? Or, just need some tips working with the iOS Photos app? On this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with the iOS Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. We cover the Camera Roll, the date and location-based organization offered by Moments, Collections and Years, as well as the Smart Albums created by iOS, and albums that you create.We also look at the Maps and Search features to find images based on where and when they where photographed.

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Ricoh GR II for Wordpress

Ricoh GR II Review

The Ricoh GR II is a street-photographers' favorite that is rarely reviewed or even mentioned. After hearing raves about the GR and new GR II from fellow street photographers, Doug decided it was time to check it out for himself. In this episode, we turn the tables and Gordon interviews Doug about his experience.

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