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TWiP Family: Kirsten Lewis on Documenting Family Life

In this episode, I interview with Kirsten Lewis on documenting family life. Kirsten spends all day with the families she photographs. She wakes up before the kids do and captures images of the soft and cuddly morning hours. And she stays all day, through evening melt downs and bedtime.

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TWiP Weddings 048: Finding Inspiration and Shooting Mirrorless

Getting and staying inspired is something that many creatives struggle with at certain times during their career. Whether it’s at the beginning of wedding season when we’re all a little bit out of practice, or when we’re halfway through wedding season and feeling a little burned out - getting and staying inspired is something most photographers have to deal with.

TWiP Weddings 047: The Law of Attraction

A big part of attracting the ideal types of clients comes down to what we show online. On today’s episode, we’re going to share our processes for choosing which images go into our portfolios and how we decide what types of images we share on social media and on blog posts to ensure that we are attracting the types of clients who we want to work with.

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VIDEO PREVIEW: Serge Ramelli’s HDR Masterclass

Serge Ramelli’s course amazingly is included as part of this years 5 Day Deal Complete Photography Bundle. Here’s a sneak peek into his course to give you an idea of what kind of value you’ll be getting.

TWiP 486: Google Grabs them with the Pixel

Google changes the smartphone conversation again, this time with the introduction of a new phone they’re calling “Pixel”. Plus Sony announces the a6500 and Zoom releases the Zoom Q8 all-in-one video/audio recorder.


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TWiP Talks 58: Inside Zenfolio with Arnaud Collin

In this interview I travel to Zenfolio HQ in Menlo Park, California to sit down with the company's general manager Arnaud Collin. We discuss the past, present and future of Zenfolio as well as some of the projects they're currently focusing on.