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TWiP 462 – Get Real!

A photographer cries foul after seeing a Calvin Klein ad. Plus a new startup wants to DSLR your iPhone with a new grip and could optical zoom be coming to the next iPhone?

TWiP 461 – A 360 Look at 360 Video

GoPro focuses in on 360º video and away from from being solely a hardware manufacturer plus a first look at Nikon's KeyMission 360º camera. Plus scientists discover a way to store 10 Terabytes of data in a smear of DNA.



AlphaMirrorless 07: DSLR vs. Mirrorless Part One of MANY!

Photography has gone through so many changes in its relatively short history and each of those changes seems to bring with it fear, uncertainty and doubt. This has happened with the introduction of color to a previously B&W world of photography, it happened when the SLR was introduced, once again when digital started to become a viable option, and lately it seems we are going through the same pains with Mirrorless.

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TWiP Family 049: Tamara Lackey

On today’s episode, Jenny shares her conversation with Tamara Lackey. Tamara talks about why a photo of your family together is important and how to make a great one.

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TheFIX 063: Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan shows some of the basic ways you can apply dodging and burning adjustments (lightening and darkening) in Photoshop. Working with three images and using different methods that include blending modes, adjustment layers and layer masks, Seán shows some of the essential ways you can create basic tonal modifications in Photoshop. With adjustment layers and layer masks, these dodging and burning methods can be used for more than just lightening and darkening. You can adapt the basic technique to many types of tonal and color adjustments that you need to apply to a specific area of the photograph.
Lightroom Local Adjustments

TheFIX 062: Lightroom Local Adjustments

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan focuses on the power of Lightroom local adjustments (a.k.a. "dodging & burning") such as the Gradual Filter, the Radial Filter, and the Adjustment Brush, showing the processing for a single image from straight out of the camera to a version benefiting from multiple local adjustments.

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