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Beauty After Breast Cancer

TWiP Talks 05: Beauty After Breast Cancer

This project, Beauty After Breast Cancer, is a book being produced by Katelyn Carey, a nurse who had a preventative mastectomy at the age of 29. Together with photographer and TWiP host Joseph Linaschke, they are working with a team of devoted professionals in the Ashland, OR area, to create a Kickstarter funded resource unlike anything currently available.

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Street Focus

©Valérie Jardin

Street Focus 05: Q&A and Street Challenge

On this episode of Street Focus, I answer questions sent by Mark Reierson and Steve Brokaw about making money with your street photography. Also, what to do in a situation when someone confronts you on the street about taking their picture. And how to mix fashion and street photography. And there's a new Street Challenge! MOTION!

All About the Gear


Panasonic Lumix LX100

The new Panasonic/Lumix LX100 is getting a lot of buzz for being the smallest still-image camera that can also shoot 4K video. It seems to be aimed directly at Sony’s third-generation RX100 mkIII.
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