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TWiP 374 – Breaking All the Rules

This week on TWiP, Nikon settles a D600 class action suit, music artists who don’t appreciate their photo being taken, and Manchester United bans iPads and tablets from their stadium.

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000: All About the Gear

Panasonic has just released the latest in their eight-year series of “bridge cameras” — the Lumix FZ1000. It’s as easy to use as a point-and-shoot but the size of a small DSLR because of its 16x zoom.

TWiP 373 – Monkey Business

When a monkey takes a photo… who owns it? A New Zealand newspaper uses a Facebook photo without permission… and it’s the WRONG photo! Plus Adam Carolla won’t let a podcast patent troll drop their suit against him.

TWiP 372 – A Plethora of Pixels

This week on TWiP, Flickr announces new licensing experience, Google making plans to separate photos from Google+, & Zack Arias takes a real world look at crop vs. full-frame sensors.

The Sony RX100 Mark III: All About the Gear

Sony updates its very popular RX100 MkII with a new third version. The camera is already being heralded as the best-ever compact or point-and-shoot. But at $800, it’s also the most expensive.

TWiP 371 – Reddit Regret

A photographer blogs about the negative side of having his photo hit #1 on Reddit, Hasselblad breathes new life into analog V-System cameras going back to 1957, and a look at MIOPS – a new high speed camera trigger controllable with your smartphone.

TWiP 370 – No Place to Hide

This week on TWiP, 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to online storage, Canon & Microsoft sign patent agreement, and a restaurant in New York finds that smartphone photos have doubled table times since 2004.

Sony A7s: All About the Gear

Already being heralded as “Camera of the Year” by some reviewers, Frederick and Doug take a look at the third camera in Sony’s a7 series.

TWiP 369 – Plagiarism and the Photographer

A Kickstarter project hopes to revitalize the digital photo frame, Doug Gordon is in hot water again for plagiarism, and a first look at images shot with Sony’s new curved sensor.

TWiP 368 – A Future of Photography

This week on TWiP, Smart Glass could transform Smartphone cameras, new iOS app “Shutter” offers unlimited storage for free, and a discussion about the future of photography.

Panasonic Lumix GH4: All About the Gear

The long-awaited latest Lumix “G” flagship camera breaks new ground: It can shoot 4K video and save it directly to an SD card. So this week we invited video guru Dave Dugdale to join Doug and Frederick and give us his two cents.

TWiP 367 – Apple Stops Down Aperture

Apple to cease development of Aperture, Google adds non-destructive editing to Google+ Photos, and Nikon announces the Nikon D810. Plus an interview with Ralph Velasco about travel photography.

TWiP 366 – Adobe & Amazon Bring It

Adobe announces changes to the Creative Cloud, Flickr removes Facebook & Google integrations, and Amazon enters the smart phone market with their Fire phone. Plus an interview with Serge Ramelli & Valérie Jardin.

Sony a6000: All About the Gear

The a6000 replaces Sony’s NEX-6 and at only $600 (body only, street price) you might think this is just another entry-level camera, comparable to a point-and-shoot. But you’d be wrong.

TWiP 365 – 4K Ought to Be Enough for Anybody

Canon opens up its’ cloud-based storage service Irista, Instagram rolls out new features, and what does 4K mean for photographers? Guest host Joseph Linaschke is joined by Dave Dugdale & Giulio Sciorio to discuss these topics and more.

TWiP 364 – Apple’s iCloud Photo Library

This week on TWiP, Apple’s new iCloud Photo Library, a school in Utah is criticized for Photoshopping yearbook photos to make girls more modest, and Adobe updates Creative Cloud to allow users to run older versions of Adobe’s apps.

Fuji X-T1: All About the Gear

Fujifilm cameras produce excellent quality images and Fuji has many fans, including Doug. To their great in-camera emulations of classic film stocks, Fujifilm has added the claim that their flagship X-T1 is the fastest autofocusing camera on the market. But does the X-T1 live up to the hype?

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