Essential Social Media Marketing for Photographers – with Zach Prez

I have 10 years of internet marketing experience and helped thousands of photographers over the last 5 years. My expertise includes:

  • SEO – Ranking sites in Google
  • Social media – Setting up social profiles to get more followers and engagement
  • Design – Designing websites to get more sales
  • Email marketing – Creating campaigns to get more subscribers, opens and clicks
  • Copywriting – Crafting pages and posts for search, social, and sales
  • Web analytics – Tracking traffic, dollars, and opportunities across the Internet
  • Marketing – Getting customers, affiliates, and sales
    I’ve written 9 ebooks for photographers, including an SEO Cookbook in 2013. I’ve created products for premier online companies like Design Aglow and been featured in publications such as Professional Photographer Magazine, Chic Magazine and This Week in Photography.

    When starting my online business I learned people like to do business with other people. That’s why you’ll see my face on almost every page of this website. Once you get to know me, you’re more likely to become a customer. Please copy this approach for your photography website.

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