WEBINAR REPLAY: Photoshop Compositing Tips

In this webinar prepare to be amazed and inspired by some of the most talented digital compositing artists working today. Kate Woodman, Bekka Björke, Richard Terborg, and Renee Robyn will take you behind the scenes of their favorite compositing tips and tricks — and the work that went into making their amazing compositing tutorial videos for The Alchemists Library.

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Artists featured in the webinar…


Growing up surrounded by the vast prairie of the Canadian north and tales of faraway places, Renée Robyn has chased the perfect backdrop around the world. Approaching photography like a treasure hunter, her compositions are uniquely cinematic, often becoming pieces of a bigger world represented beyond reality. Renée’s style is easily recognizable and distinctly her own. Expertly blending fact, fiction, and a little digital alchemy, she has worked with industry-leading brands like Wacom, SmugMug, Corel, Capture One, Viewsonic, and Intel.

Comfortable facing down gale force winds, climbing fog-shrouded mountains or fast pace commercial studios, her work is impressive and committed. An expert retoucher, Renée applies the same level of commitment to post-processing leveraging her mastery of color theory, editing, light, and shadow in the digital realm of Photoshop.



Richard Terborg is a People Photographer. In every sense of the word. He loves creating interesting images around people and stories he meets and photographs.

Besides taking pictures he loves to share what he knows. Coming from the teachings of the streets and the internet. He loves to give back the knowledge he has learned and little tips and tricks picked up along the way. Add a drive for getting people to ‘stop talking and start doing’, and you’ve got Richard Terborg in a nutshell.



Hi! My name is Bekka Bjorke, and I’m a photographer and digital artist currently based out of Washington, USA. Visual art is inherently a kind of storytelling, and the tales that I want to tell are what our childhood bedtime stories have evolved into. I grew up under the tropical skies in Hawai’i on a hearty diet of classical art, folklore, literature, and video games. My youth was spent working in hospitality & marketing in the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley.

I am now settled amongst the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest, my environment and eclectic experiences are a constant influence in my images. It affects how I relate to people, visualizing where fantasies and our reality collide. Helping bring to life their stories and projects through meticulous concept design, cover art, and portraiture.



Born in Darmstadt, Germany, Kate Woodman was brought up in Connecticut and currently calls Portland, Oregon home. A structural engineer by training, Kate developed her love of photography in 2011 while investigating earthquake damage in New Zealand. What began as a compulsion to document the environment expanded into a fascination for narrative storytelling, with a conceptual twist. Her engineering background serves her well in her photography, provoking a sense of balance and attention to detail and engendering a creative approach to the technical challenges of creating an image.

Kate currently works in the commercial and editorial worlds, with a client list including Airbnb, Nike, Harman Kardon, Marie Claire, and British Vogue. Kate is a PROEDU instructor and teaches workshops around the world focusing on color theory and storytelling.


Work demonstrated during the webinar…

Other work from the Alchemists Library…

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