TWiP Talks 43: The Angry Millennial

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A Millennial with Two Degrees — Turned Entrepreneur/Writer

Jose Rosado is a Philadelphia native residing in Baltimore with a background in Communications with a Bachelors in Advertising and an MBA in Marketing. He is a self-taught photographer, and describes himself as “pretty humble, since the only way I seem to know how to learn something is the hard way”.

In his own words:

As an Millennial with two degrees turned entrepreneur, I’ve been able to say that I’ve learned from the best of life’s teaching moments. After six years of working as a photographer full-time, I transitioned into a digital project manager role working remotely at a large publicly-traded multi-media company in NYC.

Four years later, after being laid off, I decided to go back to making things again – which embodied writing again, teaching photography at local colleges, taking photos again, + starting a podcast, The Angry Millennial, where I get to sit with some of the most successful creatives + talk about failure, fear, and life-lessons with guests like CreativeLive CEO – Chase Jarvis, actor Chris Sullivan of The Knick & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, former oDesk CEO + VC – Gary Swart, Help Portrait Founder – Jeremy Cowart, & award-winning author – Brad Lomenick.

With regards to my writing, I’ve worked as a staff writer for photography juggernaut,, as well as contributor to, Chimera Lighting & Thought Catalog, writing about creative entrepreneurial struggles & successful habits, as well as interviewing CEOs, founders, and creatives. I also am Editor of Creatives Against Depression, a site + Medium publication that helps raise awareness and open conversations around mental health in the creative industry.

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