TWiP Talks 30: Astropad Revolutionizes the Graphics Tablet

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Astropad Revolutionizes the Graphics Tablet” artist=”TWiP Talks 30″ ] MattAndGiovanniWith the introduction of the iPad Pro, many creatives are beginning to see the power of a tablet-based user interface in a professional workflow environment. And Apple’s simultaneous introduction of the “Pencil” has put a “fine point” on how using a stylus can be much more accurate than using either the tip of your finger, or even a mouse.

However, even prior to the iPad Pro announcement a small company based in San Francisco, CA had announced a break-thru product called AstroPad. It’s a piece of software that allows the photographer to mirror and control full Mac apps from ANY iPad or iPhone… and they’ve even incorporated Apple Watch functionality.

In this interview, I visit with Giovanni Donelli, one of the principals in AstroPad, to discuss their application and get a look into how this software might help change the way photographers approach post-processing entirely.