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Adobe Releases Lens Profile Creator

This tool will allow you to profile your own lenses if it's not in the list that Adobe supports out of the box in CS5. Aarond did some research and it looks like this feature will also be part of the final release of Lightroom 3. For Aperture 3 users, there are some distortion correction tools available but nothing as deep as an individual lens profile. One is called LensFix and one is called FixLens – both available from

LA Photographer Faces Criminal Charges – Appeals for Help
An LA-based photographer who was photographing 2 graffitti artists as part of a project he was working on, was arrested along with the 2 graffitti artists for aiding and abetting. Joseph feels that unless the photographer asked the artists to break the law, then he doesn't see how he could be found guilty.

Nokia Sues Apple over Patent Infringements
Nokia alleges that Apple has infringed on five of it's patents with the iPhone and iPad.


This week, Fred sits down with Jefferson from USA Today, to talk about the iPad and how he manages his photography business as a multimediographer.

Learn more about Jefferson by visiting his blog at or follow him on Twitter at


Question #1: From David Keyes: My wife and I are going to South Africa in late July for 10 days, 3 of which will be on a safari. I am planning on renting a good, long lens for the trip, but am at a loss as to which way to go. I need your help! Based on pricing and other reviews I've read, I've boiled it down to the following 3 possibilities and would love to get your take on them:

Nikon 80-400 f4.5-5.6
Sigma 50-500 f4.5-6.3 (the new one has OS, or image stabilization, but too new for decent reviews)
Nikon 70-200 f2.8 w/ 1.7 (or) 2.0 TC

I am shooting with a D300, and was planning (hoping) to get by with bean bags as support, although I'll take recommendations on that as well!

Joseph: My pick of the three would be the 70-200mm f2.8 with the teleconverter.

Question #2: Scott Bicknell asks: I'm a longtime Canadian listener of your show and I really enjoy what is broadcast. My question is about photobooks on the market. I am asking your opinion on a thorough book to help an amateur photographer. Do you have a photography book recommendation? My preference would be one that offers project ideas based on the topic that helps guide towards understanding the topic.

Aaron: I would recommend a couple of books. The first would be Joe McNally's The Moment it Clicks and the second would be Jim Krause: The Photo Idea Index.


Joseph: GoBoda Lens Bag

Frederick: A marketing site for creatives.

Aaron: Camera Connection Kit for the iPad


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